Importance of Hiring a Senior Official for a Better Customer Experience, Infographic

Customer experience has become a top priority for any smart organisation in 2016. The concept of a customer-first strategy has been around for many years but customer experience is a far more integrated process than just customer satisfaction.

We have created this infographic that outlines the importance of hiring a senior executive to help drive a better customer experience.

As per the infographic, 11% of FTSE companies have a chief customer officer on their senior management teams (SMT), and a further. 12% have someone on the SMT with a specific customer-focused remit. As for the FTSE AIM 100 companies, only 2% have a chief customer officer on their SMT and 5% have someone with a specific customer-focused remit.

Customer experience should really be a board level conversation, or if not then at least just one level below that, such as the SMT. Our infographic shows that not enough companies are prioritising customer experience at this senior level.

Without someone at this level, it is recommended to take help from a professional customer experience management consultancy, which will not only prioritise the importance of an effective customer experience but also reinforce the idea into the organisation that this should be a focus at a senior level.

Infographic - People Tech UK

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