what we can offer

We have knowledge of all areas of customer experience, supported by digital transformation services to deliver smart and efficient operating models fit for modern business. Our customer experience management programmes are designed to reduce operating costs while increasing profitability.

Every single engagement is uniquely designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients, applying our LENSES methodology.

PeopleTECH’s methodology uses a systematic approach where we look at your operation through three different lenses: People – we focus on the capability of your most valuable asset, Process – your capacity to reliably deliver products and services whilst meeting your commercial goals, and Technology – we will assess your current capability and identify opportunities to leverage business benefit.

This enables us to work with you to develop and execute strategies and tactics that play to your strengths and exploit opportunities, while reducing and eliminating weaknesses and countering possible threats.

a hand-picked consultancy team

  • The core team has worked together for many years, both leading assignments and working together as a team on major programmes.
  • Our consultants have a deep understanding of the people, technology and processes required to deliver a 21st century customer experience
  • We have established an Associate Network of like-minded professionals to supplement our core team and bring additional expertise and resource when needed.

A unique approach

  • Our business model allows an agile and flexible approach to working with clients, and we always deliver a unique programme tailored to each clients’ specific needs.

an understanding of the need to keep costs down

  • We will show you how to reduce costs and keep them low, whilst at the same time increasing profitability.
  • Our consultants have the knowledge to release the pressure that operating costs place on your profitability and customer management initiatives.

Increase customer satisfaction levels

  • Every single customer interaction you have can be used to improve the overall customer experience. We have extensive experience of turning complaints into actionable insights, and all our work focuses on seeking ways of driving customer advocacy.

Winning hearts and minds

  • A change agenda can be a lot to take on board and we understand the importance of taking your people with us as we work together.
  • Additionally, our consultants’ willingness to share its skills and knowledge means clients are empowered to drive on-going and further efficiencies.